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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest and most exciting arts festival in the world.  Every actor, comedian, poet, circus and cabaret artiste knows that it's the place to get your work seen by the biggest names in the business and the Fringe is the best networking opportunity available to artists.

But how do you get noticed at a festival that hosts over 3,000 shows in 4 weeks across 280 venues?  How do you even begin to plan the epic undertaking of presenting your work at the Fringe?

Hosted by an award-winning Fringe Producer, Director and performer with over 15 years experience of presenting work of all genres at the Edinburgh Fringe, this online seminar will cover everything you need to consider when taking a show to Edinburgh including:

  • Why present at the Fringe?

  • How to budget.

  • Finding a venue.

  • Booking accommodation.

  • Marketing your show

  • Working with Producers and Bookers.

  • Visas and paperwork.

  • Giving your work life beyond the Fringe.


These seminars are strictly limited to 50 attendees per session in order to maximise the attention given to each person. tickets limited to 2 per company (more may be available on request).


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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