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Briefs: The Second Coming ★★★★★

#EdFringe #Cabaret

Recently, in another review, I wrote that La Clique was showing every other cabaret on the Fringe how it should be done. The cast of Briefs didn't get that memo; they were too busy putting together an incredible, overwhelming barrage of talent, beauty, bawdy comedy and fantastic circus that reinterprets the cabaret format in the same way that La Clique did in 2004.

This isn't a drag show, it isn't a circus, it's not vaudeville and it's not stand up; it's a glorious fusion of all that redefines cabaret. In one hour, Briefs threw at the audience a succession of routines, any one of which could have been the finale act of another five star cabaret. We had everything from an intimate yo-yo routine to a sexy dog show, a montage of circus, dance, acrobatics and lip-synch to raffle winners drinking shots off of the body of an almost naked showboy! There was world-class circus combined with gutter humour all held together by possibly the most beautiful and sassy compère on the Fringe.

Briefs has the anarchic feel of a Weimar Cabaret at its peak. You feel that anything could happen at any moment and you never know whether to clap, cheer, scream, or retch (and I saw the audience do all of those). The cast have pulled together the best show of 2013 and managed to be the only cabaret I've ever attended where the audience gave a standing ovation.

I'm only giving Briefs: The Second Coming five stars because I can't give it 6.

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