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Broadway Enchanté ★★★★

#EdFringe #Musical

Broadway Enchanté is a delightful piece of entertainment. As a huge fan of musicals, I expect high standards from musical revue shows and Isabelle Georges has a fine voice and is pleasant company for the duration of this show consisting of a wide range of musical hits from the West End and Broadway going back to the earliest days of Cole Porter.

The best word to describe this show is ‘sparkling’; like a cheeky champagne, it’s enjoyable and creates a party atmosphere and Georges keeps the hits coming fast interspersed with comical skits that include the whole four piece band. Arguments about favourite singers lead into upbeat renditions and it’s clear that everyone on stage is having as much fun as the audience.

Although Broadway Enchanté is a structured show that has been well planned and is certainly well performed, I did find my mind wandering towards the final section. The structure is fun but not particularly original and it’s lucky that Ms Georges is such a charismatic lady for it’s really her likeability that makes the show work.

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